Graduate Student Grant Competition Awardees

The Europe Center awards research grants as part of the "Graduate Student Grant Competition" inaugurated in October 2013.  Funds from this competition are awarded to Stanford graduate and professional students whose research or work focuses on Europe. 

For a full description of this grant, please visit the Graduate Student Grant Competition webpage.

October 2013 Competition Awardees:

  • Matthew Adams, Dept. of Linguistics: “Prosodic determinants of structural variation in English and German”
  • Ian P. Beacock, Dept. of History: “The Emotional Foundations of the Weimar Republic, 1912-1924”
  • Guillaume L. Beaudin, Dept. of History:  “Intra-Clerical Violence in Sixteenth-Century Colonial Latin America”
  • Jason Cieply, Dept. of Slavic Languages & Literatures: “Russian Identity and Andrei Platonov, Vladimir Mayakovsky, and Mikhail Zoshchenko”
  • Elena Dancu, Dept. of Comparative Literature:  “Adolfo Casais Monteiro”
  • Simon Ejdemyr, Dept. of Political Science: “Unintended Consequences: Particularistic Government Policies and Anti-Immigration Sentiment”
  • Cuauhtemoc Garcia-Garcia, Dept. of Iberian & Latin American Cultures: “How Does Journalism Shape American Public Opinion During Foreign Civil Wars?”
  • Kate Rachel Kreindler, Dept of Classics: “Commercializing Orientalization: The Emergence of Trade Networks in Central Italy from the 9th through the 6th centuries BCE”
  • Claudia Liuzza, Dept. of Anthropology: “World Heritage: from shared global resource to market asset?”
  • Kody Manke, Dept. of Psychology: “The Effect of Interpersonal Relationships on Psychological, Cultural, and Health Related Outcomes”
  • Jessie Marino, Dept. of Music:  Attending the 2014 Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music
  • Augustina S. Paglayan, Depts. of Education and Political Science: “Toward a Political Economy Explanation of Disparities in Education Quality across Countries”
  • Melina Platas Izama, Dept. of Political Science: “The Colonial Legacy in African Education”
  • Lauren Prather, Dept. of Political Science: “Fighting Poverty at Home and Abroad: Explaining Attitudes Towards Redistribution”
  • Vladimir Troyansky, Dept. of History: “Resettlement of the North Caucasian Refugees in the Balkans, 1860-1878”
  • Nan Zhang, Dept. of Political Science: “Corruption and Social Norms across Italian Regions: an Experimental Investigation”