Scholarly Publications

Design of Semantic Information Systems using a Model-based Approach

December 2009

The use of social and semantic technologies in business demands an optimal balance between business requirements and technological opportunities.

Does China Want to Buy Europe? Europe's Crisis and China's Reluctant Rise

March 2012

Neuroeconomy: An Emerging Field of Theory and Practice

July 2012

This article gives a short, introductory overview of basic aspects of the emerging field of neuroeconomics, as a contemporary approach to economic theory and practice.

Other Publications

How to Think about Modi's Visit to Silicon Valley

September 2015

As Silicon Valley prepares to welcome Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Stanford historian Priya Satia argues that Indians and Americans should remember the state-abetted violence and...


Program on Sweden, Scandinavia, and the Baltic Region

June 2007

The Forum on Contemporary Europe is pleased to announce the inauguration of its research and public dissemination program on Sweden, Scandinavia, and the Baltic Region.

Problems of membership: Seeking solutions to expansion, integration, and intervention in globalized Europe

August 2007

The Forum on Contemporary Europe (FCE) achieved two major goals in 2006-2007, by developing FCE into a trans-Atlantic hub for policy and academic leaders and guiding research affiliates to answer...

Conference in Jerusalem engages European, US, and Middle East scholars on democracy

April 2011

The Europe Center announces a major international conference co-sponsored by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, designed to engage profound global problems of divided societies, including today’s...

Old Events

European Monetary and Fiscal Policies: A Transatlantic Dialogue

June 4, 2001

Conference Theme At the beginning of 1999, eleven (since 2001: twelve) EU member states abandoned their national currencies in favor of the common currency euro, which will be available as notes...


Institutional Reform in the EU

Christophe Crombez (University of Leuven) has been at the European Forum as a Visiting Associate Professor since July 1999.

Semantic Information Systems and Visualization

Business InformaticsIn today’s businesses information technology plays a central role.

Stanford-Suhrkamp Lecture and Publication Series

Stanford University and German publishing house Suhrkamp Verlag are pleased to jointly sponsor the international lecture and publication series devoted to new work by Stanford faculty on...


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