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Regional Integration and Agricultural Trade Policy

December 2011

The WTO Agricultural Modalities Proposals and their Impact on Domestic Support in the EU and the US

December 2011

Protecion, Subsidies and Agricultural Trade

December 2010

Old Events

Russian Science and the Current Crisis

November 10, 2009

In her presentation "Russian Science Policy: Before and During the Economic Crisis," Irina Dezhina will outline the major characteristics of the R&D sector in Russia and offer an analysis of...

The EU, the US and the WTO

February 28, 2003

The European Forum, in association with the European Union Center of California at Scripps College, is hosting a workshop on "The EU, the US and the WTO" on February 28 and March 1, 2003.

Deliberately Democratizing Multilateral Organizations

September 29, 2000

Session I: What are Deliberation and Clumsiness?Loren King, MIT"Democracy and Deliberation: A Review of Recent Theories and Proposals"Michael Thompson, University of Bergen"Clumsiness: It's as Easy...