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Social Media, New Technologies and the Middle East

June 2017

It is a global story, a new industrial revolution.

Old Events

European Security and Defence Policy Workshop

March 20, 2002

Terrorism is a good example of the new security threats that seriously challenge what is still a largely state-centered security system.

French Presidential Election Roundtable

May 17, 2007

Beyond selecting the new President, the second and final round of the 2007 French Presidential election will raise many questions about the meaning of the results for France, and for the EU and...

The European Union's Lisbon Treaty : Assessment and Implications for the United States

February 18, 2010

Born in Tunis in 1957, Laurent Cohen-Tanugi is a Paris-based international lawyer, policy adviser and public intellectual.


Semantic Information Systems and Visualization

Business InformaticsIn today’s businesses information technology plays a central role.