Scholarly Publications

Social Banking and Social Finance: Answers to the Economic Crisis

February 2011

For over 2,000 years, banks have served to facilitate the exchange of money and to provide a variety of economic and financial services.

Mental Calisthenics and Self-Reflexive Fiction

January 2015

"Mental Calisthenics and Self-Reflexive Fiction" is chapter 27 of the The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Literary Studies, edited by Lisa Zunshine and published by Oxford University Press.

Other Publications

Die ewige Krise der Geisteswissenschaften - und wo ist ein Ende in Sicht?

August 2015

In a ceremonial address at the Annual Meeting of the German Rectors' Conference in Kaiserlautern, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht addressed "The eternal crisis of the humanities -- is there an end in sight?"...

Trust, Transparency, and Replication in Political Science

January 2017

Striving better to uncover causal effects, political science is amid a revolution in micro-empirical research designs and experimental methods.

Youth Space Education and the Future of the GDR

March 2020

Historians of East Germany often see the state as future-looking, but questions remain about the kinds of futures that East Germans expected.


Ethnicity in today's Europe

September 2008

The Forum on Contemporary Europe (FCE) is sponsoring long-term research on questions of European integration.

Stanford conference promotes new thinking on migration and integration

September 2013

Academics from American, European and Asian universities came together at Stanford University on September 19th and 20th to present their research on the large-scale movements of people, and engage...

European immigrants to America in early 20th century assimilated successfully, Stanford economist says

August 2014

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, an "open borders" United States absorbed millions of European immigrants in one of the largest mass migrations ever.

Old Events

The Swedish Presidency of the EU: Enlargement, Employment and Environment

March 1, 2001

On January 1 Sweden assumed the rotating chairmanship of the European Union.

Choices People Make in Wartime: The War in Bosnia and its Aftermath

October 16, 2007

Dr Svetlana Broz is a cardiologist, author and lecturer. She was born in Belgrade in 1955 as the youngest child of Zarko Broz (eldest son of Josip Broz Tito) and Dr. Zlata Jelinek - Broz.

Scenes from a marriage: reflections on the cultural differences between the US and Europe.

October 26, 2005

Peter Schneider was born in Lubeck in 1940 and grew up in southern Germany. He has greatly contributed to the literary and cultural life of Germany over the last four decades.


Debating History, Democracy, Development, and Education in Conflicted Societies

The Forum on Contemporary Europe (FCE) at Stanford University's Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI) has launched a multi-year collaborative project with research institutes in...

Stanford-Suhrkamp Lecture and Publication Series

Stanford University and German publishing house Suhrkamp Verlag are pleased to jointly sponsor the international lecture and publication series devoted to new work by Stanford faculty on...