FSI scholars approach their research on the environment from regulatory, economic and societal angles. The Center on Food Security and the Environment weighs the connection between climate change and agriculture; the impact of biofuel expansion on land and food supply; how to increase crop yields without expanding agricultural lands; and the trends in aquaculture. FSE’s research spans the globe – from the potential of smallholder irrigation to reduce hunger and improve development in sub-Saharan Africa to the devastation of drought on Iowa farms. David Lobell, a senior fellow at FSI and a recipient of a MacArthur “genius” grant, has looked at the impacts of increasing wheat and corn crops in Africa, South Asia, Mexico and the United States; and has studied the effects of extreme heat on the world’s staple crops.

Recent Old Events

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After the German Election: The End of 1968?

October 4, 2005

Following the recent elections in Germany, Heinz Bude will explain the election results and discuss the current political climate in Germany in terms of the larger historical and global perspective...

European Neighborhood Policy

May 13, 2005

In its communication on Wider Europe in 2003, the Commission launched a new program to structure its relations with its neighbors, the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP).

The Transatlantic Relationship - A View From Germany

April 21, 2005

From the outset, the transatlantic relationship has been more than a mere marriage of convenience.

The EU, the US and the WTO

February 28, 2003

The European Forum, in association with the European Union Center of California at Scripps College, is hosting a workshop on "The EU, the US and the WTO" on February 28 and March 1, 2003.

Labeling Products of Food Biotechnology: Panacea or Hidden Trade Barrier?

June 28, 2002

In the debates surrounding genetically modified organisms in the food supply, the issue of labeling has become ever more salient.

Buying Insurance in the Post-Cold War World: Constructing a New Nuclear Security Regime

June 5, 2002

The events of September 11, 2001 have heightened concerns about the potential for terrorist actions involving nuclear or radioactive materials and facilities.

The Swedish Presidency of the EU: Enlargement, Employment and Environment

March 1, 2001

On January 1 Sweden assumed the rotating chairmanship of the European Union.

EU Agriculture, the WTO Negotiations and Agenda 2000

November 17, 1999

European Political Systems Seminar