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Presidents, Nuclear Reductions and the Senate

April 2013

Steven Pifer, director of the Brookings Arms Control Initiative, points out that nuclear reduction efforts have not always been accomplished through treaties requiring 2/3 majority in the Senate.

Democracy and Reconciliation: Jerusalem conference and launch of The Europe Center

September 2012

In the midst of the “Arab Spring”, and President Obama’s push for Palestinian-Israeli peace, The Europe Center (TEC) and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute hosted a May 18-19 conference on “Democracy...

Spain's woes and Europe's

July 2012

Joan Ramon Resina, Professor of Iberian and Latin American Cultures and Director of the Europe Center's Iberian Studies Program, discusses the political and cultural roots of the Spanish financial...

Conference on "History and Memory: Global and Local Dimensions"

April 2012

International conference at Stanford University May 17-18, 2012 aims to deepen our understanding of the interplay between history and memory.

International Conference on "History and Memory: Global and Local Dimensions"

October 2011

The Europe Center announces its upcoming international conference on “History and Memory: Global and Local Dimensions”.

Turkey between Religion, Ideology and Politics: An Interview with Professor Roland Benedikter

September 2011

Interview of Professor Roland Benedikter conducted by Abuzar Baghi, Journalist and Editor-in-chief of the International section of Mehrnameh.

Joe Joffe: The Arab Spring and the Palestine Distraction

April 2011

In politics, shoddy theories never die, FSI Senior Fellow and Hoover Institution Fellow Josef Joffe writes in the Wall Street Journal.

Conference in Jerusalem engages European, US, and Middle East scholars on democracy

April 2011

The Europe Center announces a major international conference co-sponsored by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, designed to engage profound global problems of divided societies, including today’s...

Call for Papers: Cosmopolitanism in a Wider Context - Conceptualizing Past and Present

April 2011

International conference at Södertörn University/The Nobel Museum, Stockholm, Sweden. November 24-26, 2011.

New book edited by Norman Naimark: "A Question of Genocide"

February 2011

Europe Center Research Affiliate Norman Naimark's new book, edited with Ronald Grigor Suny and Fatma Muge Gocek, presents new scholarship on the history of the Armenian genocide and is the first to...

A New View on the Financial and Economic Crisis of 2007-2010

October 2010

Europe Center Visiting Scholar Roland Benedikter publishes first text from a social finance viewpoint and in a US-European comparative perspective.

Hannah Arendt considered today: Totalitarianism, genocide and the need for thought

May 2010

Scholars at Stanford consider how one of the leading thinkers of the 20th century helps us link the future and the past - and a former Stanford president recalls a friendship.

José Zalaquett Addresses Post-Conflict Human Rights

May 2010

As part of the Forum on Contemporary Europe's program on History, Memory, and Reconciliation, José Zalaquett, a Chilean lawyer and legal scholar known for his work defending human rights in Chile...

History, Memory and Reconciliation Project Addresses Communal Memories of Loss

April 2010

Mankind has regularly witnessed the immense destruction wrought by natural disasters. Similarly destructive to human life are man-made atrocities, like war and genocide.

FCE Announces Book Release: "Ethnic Europe: Mobility, Identity, and Conflict in a Globalized World"

March 2010

The Forum on Contemporary Europe is pleased to announce the release of "Ethnic Europe: Mobility, Identity, and Conflict in a Globalized World" (Stanford University Press, 2010) edited by FCE...

FCE Launches Event and Publication Series with Suhrkamp Verlag

January 2010

Stanford University and German publishing house Suhrkamp Verlag are pleased to jointly sponsor the international lecture and publication series devoted to new work by Stanford faculty on...

The Europe Center Announces New Multi-Year Collaborative Project with Research Partners in Europe and the Greater Middle East

January 2010

The Europe Center (TEC) at FSI has launched a multi-year project with research institutes in Europe and the Greater Middle East, titled "Debating History, Democracy, Development, and Education in...

Josef Joffe: The Wall and the end of history

November 2009

"November 9, 1989, deserves a towering monument in every European capital - a marker of something completely new under the European sun," writes FSI Senior Fellow Josef Joffe in Newsweek.

Josef Joffe on National Public Radio: "Eyewitness To History: The Fall Of The Berlin Wall"

November 2009

FSI Senior Fellow and Forum on Contemporary Europe Research Affiliate Josef Joffe (Editor, Die Zeit), spoke with NPR "Talk of the Nation" host Neal Conan on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the...

The fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years later

November 2009

November 9, 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

"History, Memory and Reconciliation" - a new joint series from FCE and the Program on Human Rights

October 2009

In 2009-2010, the Program on Human Rights will partner with FCE and DLCL to launch part 2 of the Contemporary History and the Future of Memory series by adding "Reconciliation" to the mission.

Call for Papers: "Region, State, Nation, Community: New Research in Scandinavian and Baltic Studies"

September 2009

AABS welcomes papers, panels, and roundtable presentations for the first joint conference of Scandinavian and Baltic Studies in the United States.

New Forum on Contemporary Europe research project on History, Memory and Reconciliation

September 2009

In spring 2009, the Forum on Contemporary Europe (FCE) and the Division on Languages, Civilizations and Literatures (DLCL) delivered the first part of its multi-year research and public policy...

New Lecture Series: Contemporary History and the Future of Memory

January 2009

This new series builds on the success of last year's History, Memory, and Politics in Francophone Africa.