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TTIP and Agriculture: Another Transatlantic Chicken War?

April 2016

In 1963 the United States and Europe (EU) were engaged in the infamous Chicken War over new tariffs introduced in Europe.

Transatlantic Food and Agricultural Trade Policy: 50 Years of Conflict and Convergence

July 2015

Transatlantic Food and Agricultural Trade Policy traces the past fifty years of transatlantic trade relations in the area of food and agricultural policy, from early skirmishes over chicken exports...

Regional Integration and Agricultural Trade Policy

December 2011

Understanding International Trade in Agricultural Products: One Hundred Years of Contributions by Agricultural Economists

December 2010

Protecion, Subsidies and Agricultural Trade

December 2010

Agricultural Trade Disputes in the WTO

December 2009

Agricultural trade has generated more than its share of disputes in the past fifty years.

Looking Ahead to 2050: Evolution of Agricultural Trade Policies

December 2009


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