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Politics of Memory - reconstruction of a crime: xy-ungelost, container, Srebrenica

May 19, 2009

This lecture deals with the strategies of reconstructing the suppressed memory of traumatic events in Kosova, Afghanistan, and Bosnia and Herzegovina at the end of the 20th century.

The Failures of Identification and Response to Trafficking of Women in Eastern Europe

April 18, 2008

Ms. Rees explores the business of sex trafficking in Eastern Europe particularly from the standpoint of her own personal experience.

Film screening of Patricio Guzman's The Pinochet Case and Q&A with Carlos Castresana

February 1, 2007

The Pinochet Case Patricio Guzman's The Pinochet Case investigates the legal origins of the case against Augusto Pinochet, the general who overthrew President Salvador Allende of Chile in 1973....

Austria's Immediate Past Presidency of the European Council

October 11, 2006

Ambassador Eva Nowotny is the official representative of the Republic of Austria in the United States and is responsible for all aspects of the relationship between the two countries.

Coercion and Consent in Nazi Germany

April 11, 2006

Co-Sponsored with the Department of History and the Taube Center for Jewish StudiesRichard Evans is a Professor of Modern History at the University of Cambridge, with a particular research interest...

European Security and Defence Policy Workshop

March 20, 2002

Terrorism is a good example of the new security threats that seriously challenge what is still a largely state-centered security system.