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Beyond Reason: Wagner Contra Nietzsche

November 2016

Beyond Reason relates Wagner’s works to the philosophical and cultural ideas of his time, centering on the four music dramas he created in the second half of his career: Der Ring des Nibelungen,...

Jewish Argument Style among Russian Revolutionaries

November 2016

Jewish speech was heard in Russian revolutionary contexts as characterized by emphatic tones, rhetorical questions, an argumentative stance, and sarcasm, all performative elements of Jewish English...

Edgar Salin and Social Theory in the Circle around Stefan George.

October 2016

Trying to extract political messages from poetry when political statements are not immediately self-evident can lead one quickly to speculative and even contradictory results.

The French Enlightenment Network

September 2016

“What was the Enlightenment” is a question scholars have been asking since the eighteenth century, but far less often has it been asked who the Enlightenment was.

How economic, humanitarian, and religious concerns shape European attitudes toward asylum seekers

September 2016

What types of asylum seekers are Europeans willing to accept?

Closeness before the law: purity, prayer, and al-Tulaytuli's Mukhtasar

July 2016

The present study focuses on the intersection between Islamic jurisprudence, poetics, and manuscript culture in the secret Muslim communities (moriscos) of sixteenth-century Aragon.

Closeness and manuscript culture

July 2016

Why devote a special issue of the Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies to closeness and manuscript culture?

Muslim and Jewish women: Historical and cultural contexts

July 2016

The Routledge Handbook of Muslim-Jewish Relations invites readers to deepen their understanding of the historical, social, cultural, and political themes that impact modern-day perceptions of...

Mythographer of Paradoxes: How Friedrich Kittler’s Legacy Matters

June 2016

Friedrich Kittler’s farewell words of 15 July 2011, delivered at the original building of the Institute for Cultural History and Theory at the Humboldt University of Berlin, where he had taught...

The Social Effects of Ethnic Diversity at the Local Level: A Natural Experiment with Exogenous Residential Allocation

June 2016

Relying on diversity measures computed at the apartment block level under conditions of exogenous allocation of public housing in France, this paper identifies the effects of ethnic diversity on...

Machado de Assis and Realism: A Literary Genealogy

June 2016

This chapter aims to locate Machado’s place in the development of literature—more specifically, realism in Brazil.

Byron, Gandhi and the Thompsons: the Making of British Social History and Unmaking of Indian History

April 2016

This paper explores the influence of the Indian nationalist movement on the formation of British social history by highlighting the intellectual and social bonds between key nationalists and the...

The Ob-Scene of the Total Work of Art: Frank Wedekind, Richard Strauss, and the Spectacle of Dance

April 2016

Although it is probably apocryphal, the etymology deriving obscene from the Latin ob and scena has proved to be enduring because it gets at something in the phenomenon itself.

Why Muslim Integration Fails in Christian-Heritage Societies

January 2016

Amid mounting fears of violent Islamic extremism, many Europeans ask whether Muslim immigrants can integrate into historically Christian countries.

Migration and Integration: New Models for Mobility and Coexistence

January 2016

Globalization has led to new forms, and dynamics, of migration and mobility.

Scripting Revolution: A Historical Approach to the Comparative Study of Revolutions

October 2015

The "Arab Spring" was heralded and publicly embraced by foreign leaders of many countries that define themselves by their own historic revolutions.

The James Bond Songs: Pop Anthems of Late Capitalism

September 2015

Starting with 1964's Goldfinger, every James Bond film has followed the same ritual, and so has its audience: after an exciting action sequence the screen goes black and the viewer spends three...

Tracking the Travels of Adam Olearius

July 2015

"Tracking the Travels of Adam Olearius" is chapter 9 of the book Word and Image in Russian History: Essays in Honor of Gary Marker, edited by Maria di Salvo, Daniel H.

Fish Eye Fish: Diver in Fish Bowl

June 2015

In an exploration of the sea and images, Margaret Cohen revisits the Beginner's Guide to Photography Underwater, a seminal work by artist and fisherman Ron Church, in the Summer 2015 edition of Wax. 

Atlantik, Pazifik: die imaginäre ErschlieBung der Ozeane im Zeitalter der Segelschifffarht

June 2015

"Atlantik, Pazifik: die imaginäre ErschlieBung der Ozeane im Zeitalter der Segelschifffarht" is chapter 32 of the book Handbuch Literatur & Raum, edited by Jörg Dünne and Andreas Mahler and...

Geography and Gridlock in the United States

April 2015

"Geography and Gridlock in the United States" is chapter 7 of the book Solutions to Political Polarization in America, edited by Nathaniel Persily and published by the Cambridge University Press...

Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels: How Human Values Evolve

March 2015

Most people in the world today think democracy and gender equality are good, and that violence and wealth inequality are bad.

Digital_Pausen: Konturen einer flüchtigen Gegenwart

March 2015

In the digital world there are no pauses. If one is not constantly involved, he risks becoming disconnected.

Marine Le Pen Prise aux Mots: Decryptage du Nouveau Discours Frontiste

February 2015

At a time when Marine Le Pen gained momentum on the political and media scene and has garnered unprecedented electoral results, it is urgent to decipher the logic of her father's speech and the...