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Science, Technology, and Modernity

December 2007

This first volume of the Cambridge History of Russia covers the period from early ('Kievan') Rus' to the start of Peter the Great's reign in 1689.

Exile and Identity: Polish Women in the Soviet Union during World War II

December 2002

Using firsthand personal accounts and focusing on the experiences of women, Katherine R.

The Austrian State Treaty: International Strategy, Legal Relevance, National Identity

December 2005

Societal Determinants of National and European Identities: 1995 and 2003 in comparison

December 2008

For many centuries, Europe had been a battleground.

Mario Monti's Italy and the European Debt Crisis

December 2011

Italy is currently the democratic world’s most underestimated European ally.  Many commentators seem to have forgotten that despite its notorious institutional and debt problems the country remains...

Ethnic Europe: Mobility, Identity, and Conflict in a Globalized World

December 2010

Ethnic Europe examines the increasingly complex ethnic challenges facing the expanding European Union.

Social Banking and Social Finance: Answers to the Economic Crisis

February 2011

For over 2,000 years, banks have served to facilitate the exchange of money and to provide a variety of economic and financial services.

Worldview and Politics in Today's United States: Barack Obama and the "New Cultural War" for Leadership of Anglo-American Global Power

July 2010

This article provides an analysis of the current relationship between Politics, Culture and Worldviews in the USA under Barack Obama.

Culture, Sustainability and Medicine in the 21st Century. Re-Grounding the Focus of Medicine Amidst the Current "Global Systemic Shift“ and the Forces of the Market: Elements for a Contemporary Social Philosophy of Medicine

December 2010

This article analyzes the role and the status of medicine within the “post-modern” culture(s) of the West.

Culture and Pain. Toward Pain Care for a Global Community: From Philosophy to Economic Considerations

December 2009

This book, edited and written by leading scholars in the field(s) of neuroscience, ethics, law and healthcare policy, provides a unifying perspective of how a philosophical understanding of pain...

15 Years of Privatization of Italian Cultural Heritage

December 2011

This two-fold paper discusses 15 years of privatization of Italian cultural and architectural heritage between 1996 and 2010.

Unterwegs zu einem zeitgemäßen Verständnis des globalen sozialen Wandels

December 2011

This article sketches the outlines of a contemporary inter- and transdisciplinary methodology to understand the current global change.

Futurity: Contemporary Literature and the Quest for the Past

May 2012

Bringing together postwar German, Israeli, and Anglo-American literature, Eshel traces a shared trajectory of futurity in world literature.

Neuroeconomy: An Emerging Field of Theory and Practice

July 2012

This article gives a short, introductory overview of basic aspects of the emerging field of neuroeconomics, as a contemporary approach to economic theory and practice.

Kurz hinter der Wahrheit und dicht neben der Lüge: Zum Werk Barbara Honigmanns

December 2013

A book of essays on Barbara Honigmann, one of the most important German writers of our time.

Uncivil Unions: The Metaphysics of Marriage in German Idealism & Romanticism

March 2012

“What a strange invention marriage is!” wrote Kierkegaard.

Weill's Musical Theater: Stages of Reform

April 2012

In the first musicological study of Kurt Weill’s complete stage works, Stephen Hinton charts the full range of theatrical achievements by one of twentieth-century musical theater’s key figures....

Dreams of Waking: An Anthology of Iberian Lyric Poetry (1400-1700)

March 2013

For a synopsis of this book, please visit the University of Chicago Press website.

Tristan’s Shadow: Sexuality and the Total Work of Art after Wagner

November 2013

For a synopsis of this book, please visit the University of Chicago Press website.

Four-Handed Monsters: Four-Hand Piano Playing and Nineteenth-Century Culture

June 2014

In the course of the nineteenth century, four-hand piano playing emerged across Europe as a popular pastime of the well-heeled classes and of those looking to join them.


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