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Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels: How Human Values Evolve

March 2015

Most people in the world today think democracy and gender equality are good, and that violence and wealth inequality are bad.

Transparency and timeliness: the monitoring of agricultural policies in the WTO using OECD data

July 2013

Transparency in the multilateral trade system is fundamental.

WTO Compliance and Domestic Farm Policy Change

December 2010

Reflections on the Exceptional Treatment of Agriculture in the WTO

December 2010


December 2009

As the Doha Development Round trade negotiations have stalled, bilateral and regional free trade agreements have become an important alternative.

Agricultural Trade Disputes in the WTO

December 2009

Agricultural trade has generated more than its share of disputes in the past fifty years.

Agriculture: The Dog that Didn't Bark?

December 2009

Why Trade Negotiations Still Matter to US Agriculture

September 2009

Opportunities and Limitations in Assessing the Multifunctionality of Agriculture within the CAPRI Model

December 2007

Medium-term Integration Effects on Norwegian Agriculture: A Partial Equilibrium Analysis

December 2006


josling Timothy E. Josling Senior Fellow, by courtesy Professor, Food Research Institute, Emeritus, 1940-2018