The NATO-EU-Russia Triangle: Different Perceptions and Approaches to International Security

April 2011

About the speaker: Dr. Franz Cede is a retired Austrian diplomat who served as the Austrian Ambassador to Russia (1999-2003) and to NATO (2003-2007). He also was the Legal Advisor to the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

Latvia in Crisis: Where is a Way Out of It?

April 2009

Latvia is a country that has come through a crisis before; can it do it again? Professor Stranga examines the current crisis in Latvia, a country much evolved over the past 50 years.

Confronting the Yugoslav Controversies: Can Scholars Make a Difference?

February 2009

Professor Charles Ingrao discusses the efforts of his organization, the Scholars' Initiative, in trying to provide a common platform for the media and politicians to move forward in dealing with the Yugoslav controversies. Prof.