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Student Placements and Experience Reports

Students identify target institutions based on curricular expertise, research interests, and career goals; the program provides support in locating potential host sites and in negotiating arrangements. Additional information on prospective hosts is available from The Europe Center for accepted interns.

2022 GRIP Experience Reports

Anna Gomes in the field

Anna Gomes (Earth System Science)

Working with Stenon's Soils and Agrisphere allowed me to experience ‘life as a scientist’ inside a private company. (Jülich Research Centre/Stenon)
Anton Molina

Anton Molina (Materials Science and Engineering)

I was able to share Planktoscope, a frugal and open source scientific instrument, around Hamburg. (Prakash Lab, Helmut Schmidt University)
Sierra Nota

Sierra Nota (History)

Workshopping my chapter on Soviet Dachas and Nazi ‘Parteivillen' of Ukraine was the highlight of my stay. (Nazi Party Archives/Freie Universität)
Andrew Eberhardt

Andrew Eberhardt (Aeronautics and Astronautics)

We looked at the effect of a multi species model on stellar heating constraints using numerical simulations of a galactic halo. (University of Göttingen)
Sam Cree

Sam Cree (Physics)

I focused on developing efficient quantum algorithms for preparing thermal states in quantum systems. (Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics)
Alexander Ng

Alexander Ng (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

German Railway Network Logistics (MEV Eisenbahn-Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (MEV))
Gaurav Kamat

Gaurav Kamat (Chemical Engineering)

Investigating Confinement Effects of Nanoparticle-Based Hydrogen Fuel Cell Catalysts (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
Noah Youlikis

Noah Youkilis (Aeronautics and Astronautics)

I investigated the nature of transonic buffet in 2D linear cascades. (Institute of Aeroelasticity)
Patricia Suriana, PhD student in Computer Science

Patricia Suriana (Computer Science)

I worked on enzyme classification problems, exploring a structure-based EC number prediction method. (AG Noé group, Freie Universität)
Paula Stocco

Paula Stocco (Mechanical Engineering)

I worked on making robotics accessible to the public through open-source code. (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)
Harsh Patel at MPI-EVA

Yuyang Wang (East Asian Languages and Cultures)

I investigated Sino-Tibetan Migration with Y Haplogroup Data. (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)
Carissa Cirelli

Carissa Cirelli (Mechanical Engineering)

Digital Fingerprint: Application of Industry 4.0 towards the Manufacturing of Lightweight Textile Composite Parts (Universität Stuttgart Institute of Aircraft Design)
Patel image 1

Harsh Patel (Aeronautics and Astronautics)

Myocardial Regeneration through Hypoxia in Humans (German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Aerospace Medicine)

Earlier Student Placements and Experience Reports




Intern/Researcher, Project Title/Subject (Year)

Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering Agora Verkehrswende (remote) Samantha Liu, Vehicle Fleet Emissions Calculator (2021)


Aeronautics & Astronautics

OKAPI: Orbits Praktikum (remote)

Martin Kamme, Space Debris and Sustainable Space (2021)

Engineering Electrical Engineering Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics (MPQ) (remote) Rahul Trivedi, Quantum memory nodes for communication applications (2020)

Media Research


Leibniz-Institut für Medienforschung /  Hans-Bredow-Institut (HBI)

Anna Boch, “Online hate speech regulation: Who should decide? A comparative analysis of public opinion in the United States and Germany” (2019)


Materials Science & Engineering

Freie Universität Berlin (FU)

Sean Friedowitz, Dielectric Properties of Aqueous Polyelectrolyte Solutions (2019)


Mechanical Engineering

Technische Universität München (TUM)​

Danyal Mohaddes Khorassan, Flight Propulsion and Combustion Modeling (2019)


Educational Linguistics

Martin Luther Universität, Halle-Wittenberg (MLU)

Alexander Mejia, Intercultural Communication and Language Acquisition (2019)


Aeronautics & Astronautics

Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (TUK)

Brian Munguía, Development of an Adaptive Simultaneous Analysis and Design Optimization Framework (2019)

Textiles Materials Engineering Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University Brandi Ransom, An Investigation into how Spinning Parameters Affect Biodegradation Time of Fibers (2019)

Green Technology

Electrical Engineering

Infineon Technologies, Munich

Karen Dowling, Exploring Semiconductor Devices (2018)


Aeronautics & Astronautics

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)

Yayu Monica Hew, "Development of a Reliable Device for Peripheral Edema Quantification via Ultrasound Imaging" (2018)

Art and Media

Music, Science, and Technology

Zentrum für Kunst und Medien (ZKM)

Barbara Nerness, Writing Max/MSP Patches to Control a Mackie MCU Pro Universal Controller (2018)


Electrical Engineering

Telespazio VEGA Deutschland

Jordan Wiker, Developing a Learning Management Service (2018)

windmills in the field

Potential Corporations and Institutions

The following (inexhaustive) list includes corporations and institutions that have expressed an interest in hosting an intern or researcher.


Adidas  ---  Airbus  ---  Amazon  ---  ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB)  ---  Audi AG  ---  Avanade  ---  Avatera  ---  Axel Springer hy GmbH  ---  BAADER  ---  Babbel  ---  berlin semiconductor  ---  Bishop GmbH  ---  Brainboost  ---  Collins Aerospace  ---  Entwicklungspartner für die digitale Zukunft (UXMA)  ---  Ernst & Young  ---  Eurocon  ---  Good Mills Innovation  ---  Google  ---  Here Technologies  ---  Innogy SE  ---  kling klang klong  ---  KUKA  ---  Lilium  ---  Magazino  ---  metraTec RFID Solutions  ---  Micron Technology  ---  MTU Aero Engines AG  ---  OHB Systems  ---  ON Semiconductor  ---  OpenSynergy  ---  PEAT Technologies  ---  PTScientists  ---  QuantCo  ---  Reactive-Robotics  ---  Rhea Group  ---  Schliemann de Haas  ---  Siemens  ---  Volkswagen AG  ---  Voxeljet


Akademie der Künste (AKD)  ---  Bauhaus Luftfahrt  ---  B&B–AGEMA  ---  Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin  ---  Das Institut für Spezialtextilien und flexible Materialien (titv-greiz)  ---  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (DGAP)  ---  Deutsche Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung  (DITF)  ---  Deutsche Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West e.V. (DTNW)  ---  Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR–ISS)  ---  DLR–Institut für Aerodynamik und Strömungstechnik (IAS)  ---  DLR-Institut für Verbrennungstechnik (VT)  ---  Fraunhofer–Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen (IIS)  ---  Fraunhofer-Institut für Optronik, Systemtechnik und Bildauswertung (IOSB)  ---  Fritz Haber Institut–Max Planck Gesellschaft (MPG)  ---  Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen e.V. (GWI)  ---  Hohenstein (HIT)  ---  Humboldt-Universität HU–M&B  ---  IAV GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr  ---  Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik (MPI–IPP)  ---  Mediapioneer  ---  MONOM  ---  MPG für Kognitions- und Neurowissenschaften (CBS)  ---  MPG–CIS  ---  MPI für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung  ---  MPI für Polymerforschung  ---  SAP SE  ---  Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP)  ---  Technische Universität München-Luftfahrt, Raumfahrt und Geodäsie (TUM–IRG)  ---  Thuringian Institute of Textile and Plastics Research (TITK)  ---  TU Berlin Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrt (ILR)     ---  TU Berlin Institut für Stadt- und Regionalplanung (ISR)  ---  TU Darmstadt–RSM  ---  TUM–Ingenieurfakultät Bau Geo Umwelt (BGU)  ---  Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH)  ---  UnternehmerTUM