Catalonia: A European Fight for Democracy

Thursday, May 19, 2022 | 12:00 PM (Pacific)
Audio Transcript of "Catalonia: A European Fight for Democracy."

In the past five years, the Catalan independence movement has fought in courts and tribunals throughout Europe to confront impositions and restrictions from Spain. Following the referendum in 2017, Spain implemented massive surveillance programs in an effort to defeat the movement for Catalan independence. But the will of the Catalans for independence is apparent in the ongoing legal battles.

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Organized by Professor Joan Ramon Resina, Director of the Iberian Studies Program at The Europe Center.

Gonzalo Boye is a European lawyer working on several cases related to the defence of human and civil rights. He has written several books about his legal work and experiences with high profile clients.
Gonzalo Boye
Gonzalo Boye, lawyer and author