Deliberately Democratizing Multilateral Organizations

Friday, September 29, 2000
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Bechtel Conference Center

Session I: What are Deliberation and Clumsiness?

Loren King, MIT

"Democracy and Deliberation: A Review of Recent Theories and Proposals"

Michael Thompson, University of Bergen

"Clumsiness: It's as Easy as Falling off a Log"

Session II: UN & International Environmental Regimes

Tom Heller, Stanford University

"Clumsy Institutions against Global Warming"

Session III: EMU & WTO

Susanne Lohmann, UCLA

"Sollbruchstelle: Mass Democracy, Deep Uncertainty and Institutional Design"

Rob Howse, University of Michigan

"Democracy, Science, and Free Trade: Risk Regulation on Trial at the WTO"

Session IV: World Bank, IMF & International Labor Standards

Archon Fung, Harvard University

"Globalizing with a Human Face: How Deliberation, Transparency, and Competition Can Improve International Labor Standards"

Marco Verweij, Max Planck Institute in Bonn

"The Need to Make the World Bank & IMF Clumsier"

Session V: General Discussion

Introduced and chaired by Joseph Steiglitz, Stanford University