2-Day Conference: "Inscribed Identities: Writing as Self Realization" (Day 1)

Friday, May 12, 2017
9:00 AM - 5:45 PM

Stanford Humanities Center
424 Santa Teresa Street
Stanford, CA 94305

Faculty Organizer:  Joan Ramon Resina (jrresina@stanford.edu)
Graduate Student Coordinators:  Gabriela Badica (gbadica@stanford.edu) and Pau Guinart (guinart@stanford.edu)


Poster for conference Inscribed Identities




Friday, May 12


Enzo Traverso (Cornell University)
Between Critical Reason and Despair:  Jean Améry

SESSION 1:  10:15AM-11:45AM, Moderator: Pau Guinart

Sidonie Smith (University of Michigan)
Identity, Post-Identity, Identity Assemblage: A Mediation on Life Writing in Three Modes

Julie Rak (University of Alberta)
Life Climbing: Mountaineering, Gender and the Problem of Mount Everest

SESSION 2:  12:00PM-1:30PM, Moderator: Leonardo Grão Velloso

Jan Söffner (Zeppelin Universität)
How to Stay Alive in Your Own Story - Odysseus in Dante and Homer

Jenny Haase (Humboldt Universität)
Writing Oneself as Another - Writing Another as Oneself.  Julia Kristeva and Teresa of Ávila

SESSION 3:  2:30PM-4:00PM, Moderator:  Gabriela Badica

Gregory Freidin (Stanford University)
Taking the Kingdom of Heaven by Force: Isaac Babel's Life and the Crucible of Violence

Joan Ramon Resina (Stanford University)
Life in the Dream:  Freud's Self-Display through Screen Cultural Memories

SESSION 4:  4:15PM-5:45PM, Moderator:  Robert Casas Roigé

Marcus Moseley (Northwestern University)
Yeats/Dylan:  Autobiographical Negativities

William Viestenz (University of Minnesota)
Lines of Flight:  The Self as Avatar of Difference in the Auto-Fiction of Kirmen Uribe

Saturday, May 13:

SESSION 5:  9:15AM-11:15AM, Moderator:  Laura Menéndez Gorina

Laurie McNeill (University of British Columbia)
Co-opted Identity: "Anne Franks" and Frameworks for Testimony

Antonio Monegal (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
The Novel as Life Writing: Fiction and Testimony in Jorge Semprún and Imre Kertész

Joshua Landy (Stanford University)
Saving the Self from Stories: Resistance to Narrative in Primo Levi's Periodic Table

SESSION 6:  11:30AM-1:00PM, Moderator George Rosa-Acosta

Oscar Jané (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Self-Writings and Egodocuments.  Personal memoirs in Catalonia (16th-19th century)

Linda Rugg (UC Berkeley)
Painting Faces:  The Swedish Brothers Hesselius and the Ecology of Life-Transformation in 18th-Century North America


Sponsored by the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages; the Stanford Humanities Center; and The Europe Center's Iberian Studies Program