What the EU Stands For in A Changing World

Reuben W. Hills Conference Room
  • Franz Fischler

The European Union is a construction “sui generis” and still a work in progress. To preserve Europe's reputation, the European Union needs a clear political narrative to replace the old slogans of “no more war” and “a single market and a single currency." This seminar will examine the European Union - the world’s biggest political experiment - including what role European leaders will play in policy issues like combatting climate change, fighting Third World poverty and managing the economic crisis.

Europe’s position as the world’s largest trade bloc, with nearly 40% of all international commerce, and the growing importance (Eurozone crisis notwithstanding) of the Euro in the world means the EU can set the agenda for negotiating a new global rulebook, provided its member-governments pull in the same direction.

Since 2005 Dr. Fischler has served as Executive Director of Franz Fischler Consult GmbH, where he is director of the eco-social forum and the Global Marshall Plan Initiative. He is also chairman of the RISE-Foundation, Brussels. Until 2010 he was a consultant for the Croatian government during EU membership negotiations, and he has served as a consultant for several other governments, and the OECD.