Amelia O'Donohue '22

Amelia O'Donohue is graduating this year with a degree in earth systems and a minor in global studies (with a specialization in European studies).
Elaine Treharne Amelia O'Donohue in the European Parliament during a summer seminar in Brussels in 2019.

Majoring in Earth Systems, Minoring in European Studies

I chose earth systems because I have always loved being outside and wanted to study the environmental system and how humans are both impacted by and impacting it," she shared. "In addition, my minor in global studies has helped me better understand the global system and prepared me to understand and identify complex global interconnections in my future job and life in general.

Tell us your favorite major/minor-related story or experience.

I went to Brussels in the summer of 2019 with one of The Europe Center directors, Christophe Crombez. We spent the week meeting with European Union leaders, learning about how the EU works, and the challenges they were facing. It was an incredible experience getting to talk directly with policy makers!

As you reflect on your time at Stanford, what are you most proud of?

I am most proud of how I have embraced new opportunities to learn about new subjects in new ways, from my biology field research classes to my internship when studying in Madrid, to my summer seminar in Brussels to learn about the EU.

What are your plans after graduation?

I am moving to LA to work in consulting.