New Series: European and Global Economic Crisis

The Europe Center has launched its series addressing the European and global economic crisis.  The Europe Center is hosting research and outreach programming and podcast interviews on such key elements as the depth of sovereign and private sector debt, public sector reform, and the policies and political constraints on leadership on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Programming open to the public includes the following talks by senior analysts visiting and in residence at The Europe Center at FSI:

  • Josef Joffe, Senior Fellow, FSI, and publisher-editor of “Die Zeit”
  • Robin Niblett, Director, Chatham House Royal Institute for International Affairs
  • Jacob Kirkegaard, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Additional research and policy analysts will be added to the series throughout the year.

Details on this series, including dates of the talks are available on the European and Global Economic Crisis Series page.

Video and podcast interviews are available at the Europe Center and FSI home pages.