The Europe Center January 2014 Newsletter

Special Event:  Pascal Lamy Lecture

“World Trade and Global Governance”

The Europe Center invites you to a special lecture by Pascal Lamy, the former Director-General of the World Trade Organization.
Image of Pascal Lamy
Date: February 10, 2014 
Time: 4:00 - 5:30 p.m.
Venue: Bechtel Conference Center, Encina Hall
RSVP by February 5, 2014                       
Mr. Lamy will speak on the necessary mix of economic, social, and political policies that will determine the efficacy of free trade as an engine of global economic growth. In particular, he will outline a statement of his own thinking about the future of global governance and international trade, and describe what remains to be done in addressing the challenges of globalization. Additionally, Mr. Lamy will reflect on the features of modern politics that create governance gridlock and thwart global oversight, and will identify how progress can be made in overcoming impediments to policy action at the international level. 
My Lamy served as the Director-General of the World Trade Organization from 2005-2013. He is currently the Honorary President of the Paris-based think tank, Notre Europe.

Meet our Visiting Scholars:  Bjørn Høyland 

In each newsletter, The Europe Center would like to introduce you to a visiting scholar or collaborator at the Center. We welcome you to visit the Center and get to know our guests.
Image of Bjorn Hoyland
n Høyland (PhD, London School of Economics, 2005) is Professor of Political Science at the University of Oslo, Norway. He is currently visiting Professor and Anna Lindh Fellow at The Europe Center, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and Stanford Global. The focus of his research is European Union politics and comparative legislative politics. Professor Høyland’s list of journal publications includes the American Political Science Review, Annual Review of Political Science, British Journal of Political Science, and European Union Politics. His textbook (with Simon Hix) The Political System of the European Union (3rd ed) is the standard text for advanced courses on the European Union.

Workshop Schedules  

The Europe Center invites you to attend the talks of speakers in the following workshop series: 

Europe and the Global Economy

January 23, 2014
David Dreyer Lassen, Professor of Economics, University of Copenhagen
RSVP by Jan 20, 2014 
February 20, 2014
Alan Deardorff, John W. Sweetland Professor of International Economics & Prof. of Economics and Public Policy, University of Michigan
RSVP by Feb 17, 2014
Mar 6, 2014
Sophie Meunier, Research Scholar, Woodrow Wilson School and Co-Director, EU Program at Princeton, Princeton University
RSVP by Mar 3, 2014
Mar 13, 2014
Randy Stone, Professor of Political Science, University of Rochester
RSVP by Mar 10, 2014
Apr 3, 2014
Kåre Vernby, Associate Professor, Department of Government, Uppsala University
RSVP by Mar 31, 2014
Apr 17, 2014
Mark Hallerberg, Professor of Public Management and Political Economy, Hertie School of Governance 
RSVP by Apr 4, 2014
May 15, 2014
Christina Davis, Prof. of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University
RSVP by May 12, 2014

European Governance

February 6, 2014
Matthew Gabel, Professor of Political Science, Washington University at St. Louis
RSVP by Feb 3, 2014
May 22, 2014
Wolfgang Ischinger, Former German Ambassador to the U.S.; Chairman, Munich Security Conference
RSVP by May 19, 2014
May 29, 2014
Simon Hug, Professor of Political Science, University of Geneva
RSVP by May 26, 2014

Other Events

The Europe Center also invites you to attend the following events of interest:
January 27, 2014
Vassil Terziev, Co-founder & CEO, Telerik (BG); and Japec Jakopin, Co-founder & CEO, Seaway (SI)
“Worldclass Enterprise Software and Design Firms in SouthEast and Balkans Europe” 
Sponsor: European Entrepreneurship & Innovation Thought Leaders Seminar
January 30, 2014
Ken Schultz, Professor of Political Science, Stanford University
“Making and Breaking Territorial Agreements: Explaining European Exceptionalism”
Sponsor: CISAC Social Science Seminar; co-sponsored by The Europe Center