Fanny Schardey

Fanny Schardey

  • Visiting Student Researcher, The Europe Center, 2022


Fanny Schardey, M.A., is a PhD student in international relations and foreign policy at Heidelberg University, Germany. In 2021, she was a visiting doctoral student at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Previously, she studied Political Science at Sciences Po Paris, Heidelberg, Würzburg and Geneva University.

Fanny’s doctoral thesis contributes to the research strand on comparative liberal alliance politics using East Central Europe as a case study. The first part of her thesis deals with the development of dominant societal preference configurations. The unintended consequences of Europeanization processes on societal values take a central position in her explanatory approach.
The second part of her thesis focuses on the functionality of representation mechanisms. The question of representation concerns less the political regimes per se but rather dynamic processes of preference transmission in these countries.

Fanny explores these assumptions on dominant preference configurations, their representation as well as their impact on alliance behavior in East Central Europe by using quantitative and qualitative methods of causal inference.