Hiding in Plain Sight: Κίνησις at the Core of Heidegger’s Work. Prolegomenon

Bollettino Filosofico
The tacit presupposition underlying all of Heidegger’s work, both early (regarding Dasein) and late (regarding Ereignis), was his retrieval of the unsaid in Aristotelian κίνησις. As the prologue to a work-in-progress, this essay discusses how Heidegger’s approach to phenomenology laid the groundwork for his rereading of κίνησις. Heidegger argued that Aristotle (1) understood κίνησις ontologically as a form of being and (2) worked within an implicit proto-phenomenological reduction of being (οσία) to intelligibility (παρουσία). Heidegger, in turn, interpreted παρουσία in terms of λήθεια on three distinct but interrelated levels. This prologue prepares the way for a discussion of Heidegger’s readings of Physica III 1-3 and Metaphysica IX and their impact on the topics of Dasein and Ereignis.