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The Europe Center provides an interdisciplinary platform for collaboration among scholars who teach and conduct research on the histories, cultures, institutions, and people of Europe, to collectively advance our understanding of the region. Additionally, the Center provides a forum where experts and scholars productively engage with, and shape, contemporary public policy debates regarding Europe and its evolving position on the international stage.

At a time of heightened scholarly interest in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, we at the Center believe that a renewed focus on Europe’s lessons and experiences can greatly enhance our knowledge of both contemporary global affairs and Europe itself. With that end in sight, the Center promotes productive intellectual exchange about Europe from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and through an array of programs. The undergraduate program in European studies affords students opportunities to inculcate a broad understanding of the history, culture, politics and societies of Europe. Our grants and visitor programs support scholars from both Stanford and academic institutions in Europe conducting innovative Europe-focused research. Additionally, the Center organizes interdisciplinary seminars and conferences on themes such as governance, global economic relations, migration, security, and contemporary theory that are at the heart of scholarly and public policy interest in Europe.

Founded in 1997, The Europe Center at Stanford University is a part of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Relations, and the Stanford Global Studies Division.

Professor Ken Scheve


The Europe Center is led by political scientist and FSI senior fellow Kenneth Scheve, an expert in comparative political economy.
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