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European Governance

Image of Lady Catherine Ashton and Gerhard Casper.

The governance of Europe has constantly been reimagined, debated, and revolutionized. The Europe Center promotes scholarly, interdisciplinary research on the social, political, and economic processes, both historical and contemporary, that have driven the evolution of governance in Europe. This inquiry ranges from questions about the micro processes that lead groups of individuals to develop social and political identities to the identification of the factors that determine the success and failure of international institutions to the impact of governance structures and policies on individuals and societies. This research is central to understanding the history of Europe and the contemporary problems and challenges that it faces. The inquiry also promises to offer important insights about similar developments that face societies around the world.

The Center supports active research programs on European Governance by Stanford faculty and students, and facilitates short-term and long-term research visits by scholars seeking to collaborate and conduct research on this topic. For a description of our funding opportunities, please visit the Grant and Visitor Programs page.

The European Governance seminar series is a forum for leading scholars and practitioners to present ongoing research about transnational, national, and local governance adaptations in Europe. Additional information about this series can be found here.