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European Public Finance

Public transportation on the streets of Rome, Italy with cars, people in traffic. busy day in the city of Roma.
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Modern European states have significant responsibilities to their populace, including ensuring that citizens’ basic needs are met and the provision of security, law and order, and other public goods. In spite of these common obligations, there exist significant variations in how European states prioritize and fund programs designed to meet their responsibilities. Recognizing the integral connection between state finance and the social, political, and economic conditions, The Europe Center supports scholarly, interdisciplinary research on public finance in European states. Research in this program ranges from explicating the historical origins of tax policies throughout the 20th century and the determinants of inequality to understanding societal preferences over redistribution and public finance priorities.

The Europe Center supports active research programs on European Public Finance by Stanford faculty and students, and facilitates short-term and long-term research visits by scholars seeking to collaborate and conduct research on this topic. For a description of our funding opportunities, please visit the Grant and Visitor Programs page.