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The Europe Center aims to promote research and facilitate dialogue on interdisciplinary themes that are at the heart of scholarly and public policy interest about Europe.
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About Our Research

Our faculty and affiliates hail from over a dozen different departments across Stanford, each providing a distinct perspective to a broad and more complex understanding of Europe.  We engage in both thematic and regionally focused research, and provide a forum for experts to engage in public policy debates regarding Europe and its evolving position on the international stage.


Our thematic research focuses on public policy issues of growing concern to Europe and its evolving position in the world.


The Center's regional research is interdisciplinary and focuses on history, culture, politics and society.


Our Center delivers programming that supports graduate student research focused on Europe.  In partnership with the Freeman Spogli Institute and the University of Vienna, we also host the annual Distinguished Visiting Austrian Chair Professor, a program endowed in 1976 by the Austrian government.


Audio and video recordings from The Europe Center events.

Research Grants

The Europe Center grant opportunities support graduate student dissertation research.

Graduate Student Grant Competition

The Europe Center invites applications each spring from graduate and professional students whose research or work focuses on Europe.

Austria Visitor Program

A limited number of grants available to graduate students to help support research work with faculty, libraries and archives in Austria.
Cologne Cathedral - Koelner Dom, Germany

Graduate Research and Internship Program in Germany

Funding opportunity for Master and PhD students interested in summer internships or research visits in Germany.
[The graduate student grant] allowed me to travel to Russia and collect valuable interviews from individuals with personal experience and academic expertise on Russian political economy.
Ruxi Zhang
PhD candidate, Political Science

Research Programs

Topics and Regions

European Security

With Russia’s 2014 actions in Crimea and Ukraine, Europe is facing the greatest challenge to its stability and security since the Cold War.
big ben and parliament pexels

European Governance

From the micro processes that lead to social and political identities to the impact of structures and policies on individuals and societies, Europe is shaped by institutions.
14153 immigration news


Through periods of colonial expansion, New World emigration, and postcolonial and Eurozone migration, Europe has been shaped by the movement of peoples.
Marine Le Pen

Global Populisms

Examining the global surge in populist movements and what it means for established democratic rules and institutions.
A man rides his bicycle past graffiti painted on a wall in Burgos, central Spain.

Europe and the Global Economy

Institutional, societal, and political forces shape economic relations within Europe and between Europe and the world.

European Public Finance

Research on public finance investigates the integral connection between state finance and social, political, and economic conditions.
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Austria and Central Europe

Students and faculty from Stanford University and universities in Austria and Central Europe come together to broaden their understanding and research.
notre dame

France and the Francophone World

Researchers focus on historical and contemporary topics relevant both to metropolitan France and its former colonies.
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Iberian Peninsula

Interdisciplinary study focuse on the cultures of the Iberian Peninsula in their internal relations and as part of the European Union.


Our faculty and affiliates hail from over a dozen different departments across Stanford, each providing a distinct perspective to a broad and more complex understanding of Europe.


We engage in both thematic and regionally focused research, which is published in top peer-reviewed journals and influential newspapers.